A little about us

Our family run business is made up of Jim and Natalie. We're a passionate and experienced team here at Essex Reptile Encounters. We pride ourselves on our husbandry and level of general care. Between us we have 41 years experience in the hobby. 


I started off over 30 years ago with some wild caught garter snakes and I was instantly hooked. I loved their curious nature and their hunting abilities. From there I quickly progressed onto boas and pythons, as well as beginning my fascination with lizards such as skinks and various agamids. The hobby soon turned into a major obsession and my collection grew. Over the years I have kept all sorts of reptiles from iguanas and water monitors to the smallest micro gecko species and just about everything in between. I love sharing my experiences and passion with anyone willing to listen. 


My main passion over the years has been with the lizards, I love my gecko species as well as the bearded dragons and blue tongue skinks. I enjoy interacting and caring for the snakes and have recently overcome my own fear of spiders and I'm slowly beginning to find them beautiful rather than terrifying.