A little about us

Our family run business is made up of Jim and Natalie. We're a passionate and experienced team here at Essex Reptile Encounters. We pride ourselves on our husbandry and level of general care. Between us we have 43 years experience in the hobby. 


Company Director

I have been keeping reptiles for 12 years, in that time I have absolutely fallen in love with them. I have a particular soft spot for lizards with chameleons, geckos and horned lizards being my absolute favourites. 

My other passion are tarantulas. We have over 30 species of tarantula and true spider, they fascinate me and there's so much we don't yet know about them. James calls me the crazy spider lady. 


Company Director

I started in the reptile hobby on my 8th birthday. I was bought 2 garter snakes and was instantly hooked. I quickly progressed onto Iguanas and Boa constrictors. Over the following 33 years I have kept hundreds of species of reptile,invertebrate. tortoise and amphibian. I have many, many stories from my time in the hobby and I don't need much encouragement to tell them!  I love studying reptiles, spending hours reading and researching. 

Reptiles are a lifelong passion. I'm constantly fascinated by their quirks and their unique traits. The reptile hobby is a wonderful one, full of learning and fun. We're keen to encourage the next generation of keepers.